Need help with finishing a knitted jacket pattern

I’m done knitting all the parts of a jacket for my 2 years-old daughter.

In the finishing part, it says to sew the cast off edge of the hood.
Does that mean to sew it with a sewing machine? or just use a piece of yarn and manually sew the 2 edges together with a piece of yarn?

What does seam up mean?
I need to sew in sleeves and seam up underarms

Thank you

You should use yarn and attach the hood by hand.
Seam up means to sew the seams together.

Seaming is the same as sewing and you do it with the yarn you knit the item with on a large eyed darning/tapestry needle. On the Tips page there’s a few suggestions under Finishing for how to do this.


I just had a look at the tips section on joining.

However, all the options there start with the 2 parts to join on needles.
Mine are casted off already.

Whats the best way to join them?

I have the following to join together, and all of them are cast off, not on needles:

1 - Back of the hood
2 - Back and front shoulders
3 - Side of the sleeves
4 - Hood to the neck
5 - Sleeves to the underarms/shouders

Here is the pattern:

You want to look at the Finishing suggestions on the Tips page. The pieces will be sewn/seamed together.

I must be dumb cause I still don’t understand…

I looked at the finishing section on the tips page with the following stitches:
Kitchener Stitch
Mattress Stitch
Three-Needle Bind-Off

For all of them, the 2 sections that need to be put together are still on needles and can be knitted together using one of the methods.

In my case, the pieces are binded off. They are not on the needles anymore, like in the finishing videos.
What am I missing?
Am I looking at the wrong tips page?

Mattress stitch is used to sew edges together. I should have said that in the first place. The pieces aren’t on the needles at all.

You are right.
I must have skipped that video when I read side seaming :oops:

Thank you again :hug:

Here is one of my favorite sites for help with learning to do different kinds of seams. LINK

This is the contents page of a free on-line knitting book. Chapters 17, 18, 19, 21, and 22 are all about seaming. You’ll have to think in each case about the type of knitting that you need to sew together and look for the seam that works for that best.