Need help with fingerless glove pattern!

I’m really hoping some kind soul will be able to help me with this pattern. I am making my first pair of fingerless gloves. I am using a pattern from, using their “country” yarn. The patterns is called Sante Fe glovelets. The last round I have worked is “for thumb, next rnd: work to first marker, bind off 12 sts for thumb opening, work to end of rnd.” The next set of directions is what I do not understand—It says "Continue in lace rib, joining sts. over bound off sts as you come to them, to continue working in the round. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW TO JOIN STS OVER BOUND OFF STS AS YOU COME TO THEM. Can someone please explain to me how to do this next step. I am at a complete standstill. Thanks so much in advance for any help you could give me. :??

Usually , in a pattern that has you bind off for a thumb , you cast on the number of same stitches bound off on the return It leaves an opening for the thumb and rejoins the yarn to the remaining stitches beyond the bound off stitches. Is this your pattern?

Based on what the pattern states, when you reach the bound off stitches, I think you just continue knitting with the next stitch after the bind off one, closing the gap to once again be knitting in the round.

Yes, it’s a bit unusual in that you just keep knitting the lace pattern on the next round. When you get to the bound off sts, let them fold in half (sort of stick out) so that the next stitch on the left needle can be worked right next to the stitch on the right hand needle. The pattern should just continue since it’s a multiple of 4 and you’ve bound off 12sts. Very pretty pattern!