Need Help With Finding Yarn

[FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Blue”]Hello all -

I need some help please.

I’m working on an inexpensive project and purchased Lion Brand Jiffy yarn for the items I needed to make. After completing just one, I decided to machine wash and dry the piece according to the label’s instructions to see how it held up prior to making anymore .

[U]Special note[/U]: I followed the instructions to the letter!

Boy was I surprised with the result!

I ended up with a garment that looked absolutely atrocious. :gah: It lost a lot of its shape, pilled terribly, picked up lint (although nothing was washed with it that could have caused an accumulation of lint) and simply looked like a scratchy rag. :hair:

As I said, thank goodness I laundered it before making any more.

So here is my quandary…I need a decent looking, albeit inexpensive chunky/bulky yarn (about $4.00 per skein or less if possible) that can be machine washed and dryed.

Lion Brand has a product called Wool-Ease but I’ve never used it and wondered how it looked after laundering. Has anyone tried this yarn?

Secondly, does anyone have any other suggestions for a solid chunky weight yarn in the same price bracket?

I know most of you seem to prefer non-acrylic yarn but for my project it needs to be machine washable and dryable.

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.


I’ve used both yarns and didn’t have a problem with either one. The cardi I made with the Jiffy was on size 13 needles and washed just fine. I made a mostly stockinette shawl from the WE and it came out okay too. I just threw them into the regular wash and dry cycle.

The craft shops near you, do they have their own website?
Here we mostly have JoAnn Fabrics & Michaels - they have a wide selection of yarn & other things you need. You can check out the site or call & ask, usually there’s someone that’ll help you with what you need.