Need help with Fetching from Knitty

I hope someone has made these or know what the pattern means. So, I’m making this:

And i’ve just reached the Using waste yarn, k7; slip these sts back to left needle and k them again using working yarn; work in 4x1 Rib as set to end.

I don’t get it. Where do you knit these extra 7 stitches?

Then I don’t get the end:

Carefully remove waste yarn and place resulting live sts on two double-point needles; there will be 7 sts below the opening and 6 sts above. Attach yarn and k the 7 sts on lower needle; using a second needle, pick up and k 2 sts in space between upper and lower needle, k first 3 sts from upper needle; using a third needle, k remaining 3 sts from upper needle and pick up and k 2 sts in space between this needle and lower needle. 17 sts.

What I’m really struggling with is the extra 7 stitches to be added. Someone please help me! :??

It looks like you’re creating a place to have live stitches to knit in the round later on.

Knit 7 stitches as normal with a piece of contrasting color extra yarn. Then slide these different colored stitches back on the left needle and continue to knit the row with your regular yarn.

Later on, when you take out the waste yarn, you’ll have ‘live stitches’ above and below an empty slot. Following the directions, you get these stitches, plus some picked up stitches onto dpns to knit in the round.

So once I put the stitches back onto the left needle, I knit the remaining stitches and leave the coloured ones alone? :?? I’m confused. :frowning:

Lets say your stitches are red and you use white yarn for the waste yarn. You knit the next 7 stitches with the waste yarn. This will give you 7 white stitches on your right needle. You slip these back onto the left needle and knit them again with the red yarn. These white stitches will temporarily hold the stitches of the two rows together, but allow them to be separated later.

Got it!! Thanks so much Ingrid. :heart: