Need Help with "EZ's Surplice Baby Jacket "

I am having problems with this pattern wanted to know if anyone has done this pattern yet … I need help with the sleeves dont know if im doing it right

What is it about the sleeves you don’t think you’re doing right?

We can’t really help you if we don’t know what difficulty you are having. Try looking at the KAL forum where there is a BSJ knit-along.

This is a different jacket than the KAL. I’m sure someone has made one of these though. Just need more info, too.

Oh sorry T! I thought it was a misreading of surprise, and thought ‘what an appropriate word to replace it with’!
Can you tell more about what your problem is? Or Google for blog examples, they usually have helpful info… someone else will have found the instructions odd too.

okay here it is …

i have 100 sts … now i have to mark the 24th , 26th, 74th & 76th st with coilless pins … it states increase each side of each marked stitch every other row …

now realizing i’m increasing 8 sts on this row . LOOKS A LITTLE ODD but i am doing it …

this is the mag pattern on page 28 & 29

I have this magazine for that pattern, but haven’t made it yet.

It looks like you are at the point of the sleeve shaping now. EZ’s patterns always look a little strange because they are made with a series of increases and decreases. Just keep going and I’m sure it’ll make sense eventually. :wink: