Need help with English Words

Hi all

A friend of mine knitted a hat, and she used a thread with the yarn so that when it’s dark outside it lights up…I want to look for it on Ebay but I don’t know the words to look for…can someone please help me out ? English isn’t my native language so I don’t know all the words :wink:
Here in Iceland it gets very dark in the winter time so we hang these things on our clothes so when walking, and a car comes by, the lights from the car lights this up…

Here it is when picture was taken with a flash…

And here without…

Try reflective yarn or nighttime safety yarn or maybe reflective nighttime safety yarn.


or maybe glow in the dark yarn.

I think glow in the dark or reflective would be the best search words to use. If that fails try iridescent or illuminating which are big words I had to look up to spell right.

Good luck. That kind of yarn is a great idea for kids in winter.

Thank you all very much :slight_smile:

I looked up “glow in the dark yarn” on Google and several words were used, but using that search phrase got more hits I think.

This one seems to be the best. It’s called Nightlight.

Bernat makes one, but it only holds the glow for about 5 minutes according to reviews so it’s pretty much useless IMO.

There is also a glowing “yarn” type material that fishermen use.