Need help with "Dynamic Duo" sweater from Knitty

I’ve gotten most of the front of the sweater down and I worked the short rows for the left shoulder but now I’m stumped…
Here is the pattern…
The front neckline is shaped with short rows.
On next row: k11[14,16,18], turn, sl1, k8 [11,13,15], p1,k1.
Next row: k9[12,14,16], turn, sl1, k6 [9,11,13], p1, k1.
Next row: k7[10,12,14], turn, sl1, k4[7,9,11], p1,k1.
Sizes 6 and 8 only:
Next row: k0[0, 10, 12], turn, sl1, k0 [0,7,9], p1,k1.
Next row: k0[0,8,10], turn, sl1, k0 [0,5,7], p1,k1.
All sizes:
Cut yarn. Move sts to opposite side of needle to begin working opposite shoulder. N.B. For these few short rows, you will be working all in purl st in order to maintain the garter st patt.
First row: p11[14,16,18], turn, sl1, p8[11,13,15], k1,p1.
Next row: p9[12,14,16], turn, sl1, p6[9,11,13], k1,p1.
Next row: p7[10,12,14], turn, sl1, p4[7,9,11], k1,p1.
Sizes 6 and 8 only:
Next row: p0[0, 10, 12], turn, sl1, p0[0, 7, 9], k1,p1.
Next row: p0[0, 8,10], turn, sl1, p0[0, 5, 7], k1,p1.

I’ve done the 1st shoulder. Now it’s saying to “cut yarn”. What will I be using for the other shoulder? I’d have to pick up stitches, right? I haven’t cut the yarn yet b/c it seems as if it would be easier to knit back to the other edge and go from there. I’m also working this in SS rather than garter but I don’t think that makes any bit of difference.
Any help is much appreciated!

You take another end of yarn, from the cut end or another skein or the other end of the same skein if you don’t want to cut it. I often use the other end and not cut in case I have to rip out and reknit that section again.

Thanks! Once I sat down, and looked at it I said “Duh”. And finished it up within a few minutes. Just one of those blonde moments! Thanks!