Need help with double woven stitch

I am trying to do the double woven stitch and I am doing something wrong. It says to sl 2 wyif, k2 and repeat. I am suppose to have to same number on every row and I keep ending up with increases and the pattern isnt appearing and I dont know what I am doing wrong. Can someone talk me through this stitch in the idiots guide to helping the knitting challenged?

After you slip the stitches with the yarn in front, make sure you return it to the back of your knitting to knit the next two stitches, or you’ll be getting yarn overs.

Ingrid, God Bless your wise wonderful knitting fairy Godmother helping ways.

Ok so I should be wyif before I slip? Do I slip purl wise or knit wise?

How the h**l should I know!!!

Just debunking the fairy godmother myth! :roflhard:

So you knit your two stitches, bring the yarn in front, slip the two, put the yarn in back, knit the 2, put the yarn in front, etc. etc. Unless it tells you otherwise, slip as if to purl so you don’t twist the stitches.

ok gonna go try that. I worked on this stupid stitch all day and wasted so much time. Some days I think I need remedial knitting classes.
thank you Ingrid.

Any time! This site is called Knitting Help, after all.