Need help with Double Sided Knitting

I NEED HELP!!! I’m a new knitter but I take to things quite easily but double sided knitting is going to put me in an early grave. Amy says to take both colors to the back when you knit and to the front when you purl. When I do this I end up with colors on the wrong side. What am I doing wrong??? I have tried everything. I know when to knit and when to purl but just cannot get how to hold the thread correctly or something.
I don’t know if I’m putting the second color in the wrong place when I knit and purl the other color or what. Can someone please help me???
I’m dying to knit the double sided heart hot pad and I have viewed Amy’s video over and over and I still can’t get the thread right when I do it. Maybe someone out there knows what I’m doing wrong. :muah:

ok, I am going to tell you how I THINK when I M doing one of these

Imagine you are only doing the front (knit stitches are always on the front)
you are using white and pink (with white as the background color on the front)
to knit the first row that will be all white
Knit white, bring BOTH yarns to the back, and Purl with the Pink yarn ONLY
think of this as White AND, White AND, White AND
think of the Knit as the stitch, and the AND (the purl part) as the rest of the stitch
so when you get to the swapping colors it would be White AND, White AND, White AND, Pink AND, Pink AND, White AND, White AND

hope this helps


I understand all of that but heres my problem. The way she says to hold the yarn when knitting…I always hold in my left hand…continental style. When I take both colors to the back when I knit the main color then the secondary color ends up coming across the main color like a purl stitch. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. This also happens when I switch the colors when it calls for the secondary to be knitted and the main purled. Does that make sense??? I think maybe I might just give up. Frustrated but won’t stop knitting. :shrug:

ok this may not help you whatsoever but I learned to doubleknit using this project. It approaches double knitting completely differently, at least IMO, and when I watched the video of that little heart dishcloth thingy I was totally befuddled. So maybe your brain works like mine and would prefer to doubleknit using this “slip stitch” method you see on the link to that hat.
(which BTW I did knit successfully and is the warmest hat known to mankind!)

i am an old knitter, but i too love double knitting!

and like you, i hold the yarn in my left hand.

when you are double knitting, it feels like (and on the needles, sort of looks like 1 x 1 ribbing.

Lets call the colors white and black. the ‘white side’ is facing you, the black side is ‘out of sight’ (on 'other side of the work)

and lets pretend we are doing a foundation row, not a pattern row.

Knit the first stitch, then bring both yarns betwen the needle tips, (not over!) just as you would to purl.

purl with the black and then bring both yarns to back and Knit with white yarn only. I find it easy to hold the other yarn (which ever is the other) with(on) the middle finger, to keep it out of the way while making a stitch.

i find you have to make an effort to interlock the yarns, and just moving them back and forth will not, generally lock the two side of the work together. (but then i think the interlocking the layer is the best part of double knitting, so i don’t fret if they do twist and interlock.

i have a double knit tutorial on my blog, (but only have a cast on video --maybe i can get an ‘knitting’ video done this week)

sometimes you have to see several style before you get it. my style might not suit you anybetter than Amy’s, but after seeing 2 different processes, you might be able to come up with a process that works for you!

i do have lots of idea for geometric patterns… i think these are easier for beginners, they sometimes look harder, but the very regular patterns can be counted out, and repeated and this make the work rhymthic.


One thing that helps me with double knitting is that I know I need to Knit the stitches (colour) facing me.

I have not tried doulble knitting but I wonder if you are doing something that is having this kind of an effect…

I don’t know if it helps at all or not… but thought that I would post it becasue it quickly came to mind when I read your problem…