Need help with Double Pointed Needles

I’m doing my first project with dpn’s. It is a Hello Kitty stuffed animal. I am not sure if the first part is used on dpn’s or not. The instructions are for making the legs and they state:

Begin at lower edge of one leg and using white cast on 10 sts
1st row: Inc Kwise into every st - 20 sts
Beginning with a purl row, stocking stitch 5 rows

Break off yarn and leave stitches on a spare needle.
Work 2nd leg in same way. Break off white yarn and join on pink yarn.

It doesn’t say there to mark it like on dpn’s. Can someone help me understand this please?

What kind of needles does it suggest? If you have a pattern link and/or name please give it when you ask questions so it makes it easier for us to answer you. :wink:

It says stockinette and mentions purling so I seriously doubt you’re using DPNs. It will probably mention seaming at the end of the pattern as well.

I found this with yahoo translated links, pattern. It says DPNs but I think they’re just there for stitch holders.

Thanks dudes. I did the legs on two needles but when I joined it to the body I started doing it in a round on dpn’s and it’s coming out just like the picture. Though, I think you’re right and they should just be for stitch holders…oh well. And that was the right pattern that Mike posted.