Need help with double-knitted edge

Well, I’ve put off learning double-knitting for a long time, since I don’t have anyone nearby to show me how to do it in person. I watched the video here, but I still have a question about this pattern I’m working on, the Mandarin blouse from Interweave.

Ok, so here’s how the pattern starts:

CO 139 sts. Establish patts as foll: (RS) Work DKSSE over first 5 sts, place marker, work Row 1 of rib pattern over center 129 sts, pm, work DKSSE over last 5 sts. Cont in established patts, working 5 sts at each side 14" from CO, ending with a WS row.

And here is DKSSE:

All RS rows: Work first 5 sts of row as k1, sl 1 purlwise with yarn in front (wyf), k1, p2; work last 5 sts of row as p2, k1, sl 1 pwise wyf, k1.

All WS rows: Work first 5 sts of row as sl 1 pwise wyf, k1, sl 1 pwise wyf, k2; work last 5 sts of row as k2, sl 1 pwise wyf, k1 sl 1 pwise wyf.

I just don’t understand how this works. I know how to do each of the stitches, and I have a very beginner’s understanding of what double-knitting is and how it works.
But I don’t get how I’m supposed to get 10 sts out of 5 on each end. Help!

Or, is it that I do the first 5 sts of the DKSSE, and knit in rib across, then do last 5 sts as called for in DKSSE, and then when I turn, I follow the DKSSE for the WS? Is that right? How is that double knitting then? Or is that just called double-knit because it takes on the appearance of double-knitting?

Ack! help. You will forever have my gratitude!!! :thinking:

Yes, the first 5 sts and last 5 sts are in DKSSE. Also yes to your question “Is that just called double-knit because it takes on the appearance of double-knitting?” I once did a scarf that had the same DKSSE edges, and it’s just a way to make the edge look tubular like double knitting. The only stitches that you will see on the edge are the knit ones – the slipped sts will hide inside (holding the yarn in front when slipping does this). [color=blue]It should look like a hollow I-cord.[/color]