Need Help with Directions

I’m kind of new to knitting. I just usually make scarves. Now I’m trying to make a throw.
I’m using sensation rainbow Boucle.
The part I’m stuck on reads as follows
first, I should say the directions at the beginning says row 1 knit row 2 knit/ purl.

anyway, the part i’m on reads rep row 1 and 2 eleven more times- 12 garter stitch ridges on rs
Please forgive me. It may be mindless But I have Fibromyalgia and suffering from a fibro fog this moment.
Thank You

What’s your question - how many rows to do? Repeat rows 1 and 2 12 more times is 14 rows total.

I guess My question would be what does 12 garter stitch ridges mean?

For every 2 rows that you knit, you form one garter stitch ridge. So if you knit 24rows, you’ll have 12 garter stitch ridges. You’ll see the ridges form as you work the knit rows.

Oh, and this is another ambiguously worded pattern - yes, you’ll knit 24 row total and end up with 12 ridges on the RS row.