Need help with directions

Making a bay sweater in one piece and cannot understand the following directions. Can you put in simple language. Thanks
I now have 80 sts on my needle for the left front side and sleeve of the sweater
Shape neck and shoulder: Place 5 seed sts at neck edge on a holder.
(I understand that)
BO at beg neck at beg of EOR 7 sts once, then 3 sts twice
At this point there should be 62 sts.

The part that I find confusing is from the BO. Help. thanks.

There’s two meanings of EOR, this one is used to mean ‘every other row’.

So BO 7 sts at the beg of the next row, finish the row, work back, BO 3 sts, work that row and the next row, then BO 3 sts again.

Thanks. It worked great. I appreciate your help.