Need help with directions

I’m working on a sweater pattern by Marks and Kattens #09027 Cardigan with Eyelet Pattern. I’ve worked the sleeves to the point where you bind off and decrease to form the armhole. Here is the part of the directions that are puzzling me:

“When desired sleeve length is reached bind off 4-3sts in each side every other row for the armhole”

What does 4-3sts mean?

Don’t I need to bind off on each side of the sleeve to have the right
shape to both sides of the sleeve?

Needless to say I’m confused.

I’m going to see if I can find the pattern on line and put a link, but it is a pattern I purchased, so I’m not to optimistic.

Thanks in advance for your help.

It means BO 3 sts over the next 2 rows, 4 times, so it involves 8 rows. You can’t BO at the end of a row, so you BO at the beg of the next row which would be on both sides/edges of the sleeve.
RS - BO 3, finish the row
WS - BO 3, finish the row
RS - BO 3, finish the row
Ws - BO 3, finish the row
RS - BO 3, finish the row
WS - BO 3, finish the row

Thanks so much. I know you can’t BO at the end of the row so I guess that was part of my confusion. As always you are great. Now I can work on my sweater again instead of laundry. Hard decision, right?:teehee:

I don’t mind laundry, it just takes a few minutes to start the machine, then there’s about 20 minutes until it needs to go in the dryer where it’s good for about 40 minutes or so.