Need help with diamond stitch

Hello all

I hope you can help me once again.
I started knitting the jumper below last night until I reached a little problem.
This model requires you to do a diamond like pattern on the borders of sleeves and bottom of jumper [/U]
As it is in French, it translates like this:
2 st crossed to the right: knit the 2nd st from the left needle knit wise to the front and then knit 1st knitwise. Release both st together
2 st crossed to the left: knit the 2nd st from the left needle knit wise from the back, and the 1st st knit knitwise. Release both st together

This has made no sense to me since, now I was wondering if this was a simplified cable and just means cross 2L and cross 2R??

Many thanks

Hi! :waving:

I will weigh in on your question first, but I hope that Suzeeq, Jan or Ingrid will help us, too.

From looking at the borders of the sweater, it looks like the cables are little ‘traveling cables’…that involve two stitches only at each crossing.

I DO NOT think the pattern is telling you to do a “cross 2L and cross 2R” because that is really a 4 stitch cable crossing.

When you approach the 2 stitches that will play into the cable…
I think you are supposed to reach your right needle over the first stitch…knit the 2nd one, but don’t take if off the needle, then knit the first stitch…and then release them together.

Pay close attention to the additional instruction “from the front” or “from the back”…because one will make the cable lean to the right (or, “travel to the right”)…and the other will make the cable travel (lean) to the left.

Just kinda tinker around with it on a swatch. You’ll get it more when you are actually doing it I think.

BTW: a cable that is called in shorthand “cross 2L” involves 4 stitches total. It is just that 2 of the stitches are taking the dominant appearance…the other 2 are quietly in the background, having been crossed over by the two “show offs”!!

PS! GREAT PATTERN! WOW! Just adorable, and worth the effort!!

I think Artlady is right, and basically you are right too, except it’s cross one stitch to the right and one stitch to the left, not two stitches. But I think maybe that’s what you meant?

Anyway, I love the pattern! Is it available in English?

Actually when a pattern is cross 2R/L it is a twist stitch over just 2 sts, not 4. Nathalie you’re correct.

Thanks all for your help, I will give it a go as cross 2R/L on a swatch first.

Abbily, I don’t think this pattern exists in English, it is a shame as Bergere de France make fantastic affordable wool with great patterns to go with it. However I know of only 1 site here in the UK that sells Bergere de France patterns, they may have a way to get it for you perhaps? It is from the Winter /autumn 2007 catalogue. I would love to translate it for you but not sure how this would sit with copyright?