Need help with decreasing in Bergere de France pattern

Hi, I’m new to forums but I would consider myself an old hand at knitting but I got this beautiful pattern for a frilly skirt for a baby and it really has me stuck!

The pattern is a basic 4 row feather and fan but when it comes to decreasing it knocks the pattern out.

The pattern asks you to cast on 155 stitches and knit in pattern for 10 rows and then decrease 34 stitches evenly giving 121 stitches, carry on for a further 10 rows and then decrease 34 stitches again. Can anyone make sense of this?

Hi Jackie and welcome to Knitting Help! Do you have a link to this pattern or can you give us the name of the pattern?

If the F&F patter is a multiple of 17 sts, that still fits with decreasing 34 sts. Can you write out the pattern row?

The link is as follows:

Cast on 155 stitches and work in pattern
Row 1: K
Row 2 & 4 P
Row 3: K1, K2 tog 3 times - yfwd k1 5 times yfwd - sl1, k1 psso, 3 times rep from to ending with k1
When work measures 10 rows dec 34 sts evenly across next row
Cont on the rem 121 sts
When work measures 20 rows dec 34 sts evenly across next row and leave rem 87 sts on a spare needle


Yep, that’s a 17 stitch repeat - K2 tog 3 times, (yfwd, k1) 5 times, yfwd, sl1, k1 psso, 3 times - so you’ll be fine with decreasing the 34 stitches, just work it as written, but make sure you have the right number of stitches.

thanks for that; but when I tried that it knocked the pattern out so that the holes were not in line. May they shouldn’t be it’s difficult to tell by the picture.

Did you dec evenly around? They may not stay stacked above the previous rows but that may not matter too much as that’s how it’s written so the designer must feel it’s okay.

Do you think? I’ll just go with it then and see how it finishes. The amount of time I’ve spent on this I could’ve knitted it twice!!

Thanks very much for your help

Yes, in the photo of the skirt, you can see that the tiers aren’t exactly aligned. They look more like layers of ruffles. It’s an adorable pattern and will look very sweet I’m sure.