Need help with decreases

I’m a beginner knitter, making a simple winter hat - it’s the “Simplest Cap” - find at
The pattern is written for circular needs, but I’m using straight needles. I will have to do some of the decreases on the purl, or wrong, side of the work. If I’m doing k2tog to decrease on the knit side, how do I decrease on the purl side?
Am I making any sense?

Do a p2tog.

Mariette, Thanks for the link to the pattern! I have it saved in my pattern collection. Unfortunately, I’ll have to live to be 476 years old to make everything in my collection. :aww:

Oh, and Welcome to Knitting!!!

I’ll need to live to at least 500 to make every pattern I have [I]and[/I] use up all my yarn. Because I’m certain to want to ‘try out’ more yarns and patterns before I get to the end of what I have collected.