Need Help with Debbie Bliss pattern

I am currently working on the 'Alex" sweater from Debbie Bliss Luxury Collection. I am working on the collar and am confused by the following:
Next 2 rows: K12,turn, sl 1, p9,k2
Next 2 rows: K28,turn, sl 1, p25,k2

If you knit as instructed, you end up with holes in your work since after you slip, you are not instructed to p2tog anywhere. HELP! I have asked my experienced knitter friend and she agrees that these Debbie Bliss patterns don’t make sense. Can anyone assist me?

This will work. You’re doing short rows in garter stitch and slipping the first st after you turn will bridge the gap once you knit all the sts on a long row. You can try it on about 12 sts or st, knit a few rows, then knit till two sts before the end, turn and slip 1, knit across to 2 sts before the end. Turn and knit to 2 sts before the slip stitch, turn and repeat. Now turn and knit all the way to the edge, turn and knit across all sts. Knit a couple more rows. The gaps are not very visible.