Need help with Debbie Bliss duffel coat pattern

Hi all,

I am new to the site and pretty new to knitting too. I bought the Essential baby book when I had my 3rd son and started knitting the duffle coat a few weeks ago, but have come across something I need clarifying as I have either made a mistake and need to rip back or there is an error in the pattern. I am part way through knitting the right front and am approaching where I need to start shaping the armhole. I have just read ahead and noticed it said I need to cast off 4 and should have 41 sts remaining (age 6-9 months), however, I started with 45 sts and in the buttonhole row, k2tog twice, as per the pattern, so was down to 43 sts. Have I done that right and the pattern is wrong or have I made a mistake? I am quite frustrated now as I already had to rip back once as accidentally missed out the buttonhole row :doh:

You should have increased 2 stitches on the row after the buttonhole somehow. Either by casting on or 2 YOs. Or maybe a double YO between the k2tog twice.

Thanks! I ripped back to the buttonhole row and managed to get the correct amount of stitiches, think I forgot the YO last time!