Need help with daisy stitch

Hello! I’m working on a ‘daisy stitch’ with the following instructions to work the stitch: "Insert right needle in st 3 rows below second st on left needle and pull up a loop, (k2, pull up a loop in same st as first loop) twice. …1) what does pull up a loop mean 2) this makes no sense to me. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it! Thank you!

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
Poke the right needle into the stitch 3 rows below and wrap the working yarn around the needle just as you would if you were making a knit stitch. Now pull that loop of yarn through to the front of the work and up so that the left needle is back up in position to knit the next 2sts. It’s best to keep all of this very loose so that you don’t pucker the knitted fabric. You want the knitting to stay flat and a long loop of yarn to lie on it. After you knit 2 sts, do this again.
It’s similar to this stitch from a Lionbrand pattern. In this case the long loop is placed on the left needle and knit but your pattern doesn’t seem to indicate that.

Thank you! That has helped me a bit but I’m still having trouble with that last part “pull up a loop in same st as first loop” Any advice?

OK, if you’ve gotten the idea of pulling up the loop the first time, then knit the next two sts and again poke the tip of the right needle into the same stitch several rows below and again wrap the yarn around the needle tip and pull the yarn through to the front. This only works if you keep the yarn very loose until you’ve pulled the strand of yarn up to the level of the working needles. It’s like making the petals of the daisy with the stitch 3 rows below as the center of the flower.