Need Help with crochet pattern!

I’m working on the elspeth from Rowan magazine 37 and am having some problems with the crochet ties. The pattern reads: “make 61 ch. 1 dc into 3rd ch from hook, *3ch, 1 ss into same place as last dc, 1 dc into each of next 2 dc, rep from * to end”. I can follow just about until the ss, then I’m lost. Where are the 2dc that I’m suppose to dc into? Wouldn’t that just mean I’d be going in circles?? Need help please!!

I happen to have that magazine and looked at the pattern. As I read it, from the star, you would chain 3, then slip stitch into the same as last dc then go on to the next dc and dc in it and the next one. Since you have already gone aroudn once entirely in dc, this should work out fine. From the picture, I think the ch3 forms the little bump, then doing the 2 dc provides space between it and tthe next “bump”. Hope this makes some sense!

Hello kemp, thanks for your explanation but I’m still confused. When do I need to go around once entirely in dc? Because the instructions only say make 61 ch, so from what I understand, all there is so far is a foundation chain? Does it mean that from the star I have to dc into the next ch??

Mine doesn’t say anything about the chain 61. Here is what it says “using 34 crochet hook and with rs facing, rejoin yarn at base of one side seam, 1ch (does not count as stitch), work 1 round of dc evenly around entire hem, front opening and neck edges, working an even number of sts and ending with ss to first DC.” Then the next round is the step you originally listed above. I am not sure where the ch61 came from…maybe a typo…or in if different language?? The second round of dc and ch1 makes a lot more sense anyway if you have DC all the way around to start with. Otherwise, go into the next 2 dc in the second part of the instructions really makes no sense.

Hi kemp, I was actually referring to the part on the ties, not the edging. It’s on the right most column of the page.

oops! Sorry about that. Anyway, I just played with it and I think that “1 dc into each of the next 2 dc” has to be a typo (IMHO). When I just do it in the next 2 single chains, it makes a nice ruffled edge that looks like what is on the rest of the top.

I just checked and they don’t have a correction for it. I did report it though, so maybe we’ll find out if it actually is a mistake.

Cool! Thanks so much for your help! Now I can continue with it…

I finally got a response from Rowan. Here it is:

Dear Ms Kemp,

Thank you for your query regarding Elspeth from Magazine 37. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you.

It should read into neaxt 2 ch, not into next dc. I am very sorry about this.

I hope this information is of use to you and wish you well with your knitting, however, if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Rowan Yarns
Green Lane Mill

+(0)1484 681881

I know noone else will find it amusing, but that letter is SO British!!! (Has anyone checked out the website for my place of employ? Click my WWW button.)

Doesnt it feel GREAT to be RIGHT, Kempy??? :cheering:

I thought the same thing…one of my good friends moved to England about 5 yrs ago and her emails have steadily become “more British”. Also the stories she tells… :roflhard:

And yes, I do :heart: to be right. Just ask my DH :roflhard:

I learned to crochet when I was about 5, so I should hope I would know something by now :slight_smile:

Yeah I got the exact same letter from Rowan as well. LOL!


well, at least they did answer…probably after you were already finished though :wink: