Need help with collar pattern

I made this jacket but i can’t understand the collar pattern

I’ve already made the first 5 rows but can’t get the rest
can any one help ?

“For collar pick up 54(60/68) sts.
along outer neck edge and work in garter stitch.
At the same time inc 13(14/16) sts. evenly across 5th row as foll: work edge st. and 2(3/3) sts. in
patt, then make 1 knitwise tbl, *4 in patt, make
1, rep 11(12/14) times from *, work 2(3/3) sts. in
patt and selvage st. = 67(74/84) sts. On 14th row
and every 2nd foll row twice K selvage st. tog
with the resp adjoining st. at beg and end of row.
On foll row bind off rem 61(68/78) sts.”

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Maintain garter stitch and on rows 14, 16 and 18 decrease at each end by knitting the edge stitch together with the next stitch. That’ll be 2 decreases per decrease row.
Absolutely darling little jacket. What is the pattern name, please?

Thank you you for help!
It is a free pattern from schachenmayr .I am glad you like it

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