Need help with chart pattern

i was wondering, how do i read the knitting chart for this pattern, at first glance i had thought it would be simple to follow, but now that i am at that part i realized that i am not sure how to proceed?? it says to work the rows 1-8 of the chart 2 times, but when you look at the chart there are only 17 squares in each row?? underneath the key to individual squares there is a box with dimensions, is this important?? any help would be greatly appreciated!
thanks a million!

In the text it says “Work next round as follows: [k4, p2, k2, m1, k3, m1, k2, p2 ] 4[5,6 7]times. (68[85,102,119] sts).”

The number of times you repeat the sts is the number of times you repeat the chart. 17 x 4 is 68, the number of sts for the small size. I think the dimension box is the gauge for how large a single repeat of the chart would be - 17 sts by 8 rows.