this is a lace shawl pattern
I am working a CEY pinehurst pattern, I am on chart A and just finished rows 1-12, now it says to repeat rows 3-12, twice…

my problem is, when I start row 3, I have 10 stitch’s plus two yo, then there are 5 remaining stitches before I get to the repeat bracket…what am I missing

Can you give us a link to the pattern or the chart? or can you scan chart A?

well, my scanner is not hook up to our computer, (not sure where the software is to do that) we’ll blame that on the husband :slight_smile:

I have searched the web for this pattern, but since it is a purchased pattern from CEY I believe I may have to just type out row 3.

row 3
k3,no knit yo,k2t,yo,p,ssk,k,k, (p,k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,)(end of repeat box) p,k,k,kt2,yo,p,ssk,yo,k (center stitch) yo,kt2,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p (k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p) k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,yo,k,k,k

both sides of shawl have a repeat box. section A begins with rows 1-12 … when you get to row 12 you are asked to repeat rows 3-12 twice. However when I start row 3 again I have 5 extra stitches before I come to my repeat box…
I am beginning to question if I start the repeat box at this point, won’t that change the pattern to my existing rows below?

sorry, in my dismay over row 3 yesterday and searching for help I listed the wrong name of the pattern in question. it is Parkhurst by classic elite yarns. not pinehurst:teehee: :teehee:

Mmm, very pretty lace. I don’t see any errata for it and there are several Ravelry projects.

I’d just like to clear up a few questions about the row as written. I looked to see if the directions are mirror images around the center k stitch. Is there a missing yarn over between the bolded stitches or possibly an extra yarn over at the underline? (It really was a lot for you to type out)

row 3
k3,no knit yo,k2t,yo,[B]p,ssk[/B],k,k, (p,k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,)(end of repeat box) p,k,k,kt2,yo,[B]p,ssk[/B],yo,k (center stitch) yo,kt2,[U]yo[/U],p,yo,ssk,k,k,p (k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p) k,k,k2t,[U]yo[/U],p,yo,ssk,yo,k,k,k

Yes, sorry, about that, it is a mirror image on both side of the chart.
row 3
k3,no knit yo,k2t,yo,p,YO,ssk,k,k, (p,k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,)(end of repeat box) p,k,k,kt2,yo,P,YO ssk,yo,k (center stitch) yo,kt2,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p (k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p) k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,yo,NO KNIT, k,k,k

OK, the repeat box is 10sts and the shawl grows wider from the center knit stitch and at each edge.
On row 3 there’s an increase of one stitch before the first repeat box and an increase of one stitch after the second repeat box. There’s also an increase of one stitch before the center knit stitch and one stitch after that center stitch. I’ll bet that the pattern increases the same way in rows 5, 7, 9, and 11 giving you an increase of 10sts on each side of the center stitch. That’s enough for another repeat box on each side.
So, bottom line (and sorry it took so long to get here), you should be able to start the repeat box after the initial “k3,no knit yo,k2t,yo,p,YO,ssk,k,k,” as you would in row 3. You’ll just have an extra repeat before and after the center stitch.
It’s a good idea to put in a lifeline at this point so that if things don’t work correctly, you can easily go back to this row. There’s a video for lifeline here.
We’d love to see a photo of your finished shawl if you’d like to post one!

let me check my work, I think I have a problem,I do have 10 extra stitches total.
5 on each side of the beginning and 5 at the end?

I have been doing life lines all along, and moving them up as I complete each rs/ws according to the chart…

you say I should have 10 extra stitches, and I do, so am I missing something here.


Okay, I checked my work, I do have the right amount of stitches…per the chart. So this is where the lace pattern shifts??? If I had an additional 10 on each side then this would be a no brainer:teehee:

As I read it you should have an extra 10sts on each side of the center stitch. The extra repeats come from the increase of 4sts x 5 increase rows for a total of 20 sts, 10 on each side of the center.

k3,no knit yo,k2t,yo,p,[B]YO[/B],ssk,k,k, (p,k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,)(end of repeat box) p,k,k,kt2,yo,P,YO ssk,[B]yo,[/B]k (center stitch) [B]yo[/B],kt2,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p (k,k,k2t,yo,p,yo,ssk,k,k,p) k,k,k2t,[B]yo[/B],p,yo,ssk,yo,NO KNIT, k,k,k

Good for you for using the lifeline and more than one! If you have one on that last row completed, I’d try out the repeat of row 3 with an extra 10stitch repeat on each side either before or after the repeat box that’s already there and see how it works.

I will check out how many stitches I have extra from the center, I am counting from the beginning of my work. I like your idea and will try it. Thank you for all of your patience and help…I hope to write back that all is well…thank you again.