Need help with casting on

So I’m still kinda new to knitting and I’m learning from a book, the book tells me to cast on some stitches but it tells me to begin at the centre of the underneath side, does anyone know what it means by that, sorry if it’s a stupid question.

Could you type exactly what it says in that part of the instructions? It sounds very strange, unless it’s a pattern that has more than one piece to be joined together? In that case, it would make some kind of sense - e.g. is it telling you to start with that piece, as you might start making a cardigan by knitting the back part first?


I’m trying to knit a cow and this part would be for the head so it says “begin at the centre of the underneath side using the thumb method and using method A” which for this book method A is a garter stitch it then carries on to say to place a marker at the centre of the cast on edge. I hope this helped make a little more sense.

Yes, it does, thank you! I think it sounds like you’re starting with a gusset of some kind, which you’ll sew up later.

Ohhh Okayy, do you know how I’m supposed to do that sort of casting on as I’ve never done that before? Sorry about all the questions.

Hi. Here’s a good video:


I think it is only explaining where you are starting from, ie the centre of the underneath. Otherwise you wouldn’t know if it was the top of the head or somewhere else. I also got stuck once then realised it was for info only.

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Ohhh okayyy, thank you all sooo much