Need help with cable shawl

I’d like to make my mom some type of a cabled shawl for Christmas, but I’m not having any luck finding anything that really jumps out at me. I’d like to make her something beautiful of course, but I don’t know if I can handle something really super detailed with a bunch of different stitch patterns on it.

I guess I’m feeling rather uninspired right now and need some help. I looked at and didn’t really see anything that jumped out at me there, either. Any ideas? I thought the dark grey shawl located on this page was REALLY pretty, but I have no idea where to find that pattern (plus, a free pattern would be better :wink:); I suppose I could grab my Vogue Knitting book with the stitches in it and try to design it myself, but the thought of that makes me queasy! :ick:

Also, what about using a variegated yarn with cables–can it be done? Everything I’ve seen in cables is always solid yarn…I don’t want the cables to get lost in the color changes.

I think this a lovely scarf and all you would need to do for a shawl is to make the scarf wider - either double or perhaps triple:

In fact this page has various cables scarves you could treat in the same manner:

In terms of variegated yarn. Cabling can get lose depending on how fine the yarn is, but, that said, if the colouration is subtle and soft I think the first pattern could look gloriously lovely.

I think this one is very pretty. I am thinking of making one myself…when I
get the zillion other projects I am working on down to a more
manageable number…haha :slight_smile:

I posted a thread a bit back asking if cables could/should be done with varigated yarn. I got a variety of responses. So I decided to go ahead and try it.

I made an Irish Hiking scarf and hat with a Schaefer varigated yarn and it came out LOVELY. I would stick with a simple cable design.

I think if you doubled or trebled Silvers reversable cable scarf it would make a lovely shawl and you wouldn’t have to be concerned about which side was out when wearing it.

How about Knitpicks pocket shawl - you can do it without the pockets (I would).