Need help with blackberry pattern from knitty

Pattern is here:

I am having a problem with the cable panels. I am not sure if all the stitches should be on the cable needles and the rest of them on the working needle? I have tried looking for tutorials but I am at a loss! :shrug:

Can anyone provide some direction? please???

I don’t quite understand what you mean. You use the straight needles for the back, and put them on a stitch holder for later. Then do the fronts and put them on holders too. The sleeves are knit, using cable needles to make the cables (though you can use a dpn for that too) and also put them on stitch holders. Sew the side, sleeve and raglan seams together, then with the circular needle (is this what you mean by cable needle?) pick up stitches from the back and fronts and knit all the stitches from the holders for the ribbing.

Thank you for replying so quickly!

What I mean is that I am having trouble figuring out how to do the cable panel. It says:

Cable Panel (Worked over 16 sts):
Row 1 [RS]: P2, k12, p2.
Row 2 [WS]: K2, p12, k2.
Row 3 [RS]: P2, k12, p2.
Row 4 [WS]: K2, p12, k2.
Row 5 [RS]: p2, C6B, C6F, p2.
Row 6 [WS]: K2, p12, k2.
Row 7 [RS]: P2, k12, p2.
Row 8 [WS]: K2, p12, k2.
Repeat these 8 rows for Cable Panel.

Do I work all 16 sts on the cable needle? Do they go back on the working needles? I am just confused. THis is the first time I am doing cables!

No, the panel has 16 sts in it is all that means; there’s purl sts on either side of the cable which is 12 sts. Just follow the rows, stitch by stitch. The first rows are like ribbing, kind of, the 5th row is where you do the cross over.

" Row 5 [RS]: p2, C6B, C6F, p2."

p2, put 3 sts on the cable needle, let it flop in the back and k3 off the left needle, then knit the 3 from the cable needle. Then put 3 sts on the cable needle, let it flop to the front, k 3 from the left needle, then knit the 3 on the cable needle and p2.

Oh…so the only cable is actually row 5?

Sorry if I am asking silly questions!

All cable patterns are over several rows, but you only do the crossovers on one row out of the repeat (it could be 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 rows long), the rest of it is just a set up for the `straight’ parts of the cable. If you’d like, CO about 20 sts which adds 2 sts in garter at both ends of each row, practice the cable pattern for a repeat or 2 and you’ll understand better.

Thank you! I will!