Need help with black hat,pattern goes diagnol

hi have just started knitting a hat from this blog
(english at the bottom)

i dont understand what exactly she means in row 2 (row: knit 1 , * purl 2 , knit the knit st from left needle after the purl stich, then knit the purl st and release both stitches from the left needle*
(You can do this with cable needle,too. Put the purl st to cable needle to the back of work, knit 1, purl the cable needle st. First way seems easier when you have to do this 20 times at the row) Repeat * _ * until row is finished.) either of her options…

its a fairly easy pattern but my head isnt working properly and cant seem to figure it out.

please help me.

Sounds to me like she wants you to work the SECOND st on the left need before you work the FIRST stitch on the left needle, which is basically a twist - like a mock cable. Do it with the cable needle (CN)first, so that you can visualize it better.

Sl 1 st from the Left Needle to the CN and hold to the back. K1 from the Left Needle. Then purl the st from the cable needle. If it helps, you can also put the st on the CN back on the left needle, then purl it - if that’ll make it easier to visualize…

Hope that helps…

exactly that makes a lot more sense,thank you.

oh wait still a small bit confused

for the first row she has k1, purl 3 repeat

so begining of row two iv got one k st then 3 purl st, the k st in row 2 is being brought in front of the two purl st, which then i have one purl st left until the next knit stitch,(is that what i should have), then im not sure what happens to the 3rd purl st, does it do nothing and just purl it as a normal purl st?

Watch out where you are repeating the pattern in Row 2. It sounds to me that you are repeating from the beginning of the pattern row. But you should start your repeat from [U]PURL 2[/U].

So it’d be … k1, p2, twist, p2, twist, p2, twist … etc. (keeping in mind that the twist represent 1 knit st and 1 purl stitch)…

Whereas if you do your repeat like this … k1 p2 twist k1 p2 twist k1 p2 twist etc … you’re going to have that rogue purl st.

Make sense ?? :slight_smile:

ok right but when you say twist which stitch is being twisted?by twist you mean by twisted as put on the cable needle.which stitch will that be??

doing it yhe way i have it done with the rogue stitch would there be a problem with that way?

For your first question … By twist, I mean working those stitches out of order. (“knit the knit st from left needle after the purl stich, then knit the purl st and release both stitches from the left needle”)

Not sure I understand your last question :?? . If you have a rogue purl st, it won’t be “wrong” per se; but it also won’t be as the pattern is written :wink: because you shouldn’t have rogue st to begin with. In row 1 you have a K1P3 pattern, but in row two that pattern is offset because she begins with P2 instead of 3. But the twist (working the stitches out of the order) is what realigns the K1P3 pattern in subsequent stitches. The row by row realignment is essentially what makes the knit stitch continually move to the right. So you can’t have a rogue purl st; having one will stop the knit st from moving to right (and thus forming the pattern).

Make sense?? or … less sense? :teehee:

And don’t forget, the knit st on row 2 is the one that looks like a knit st on that row, not the same knit st from row 1.