Need help with binding off within a pattern


I am new to the forums, and also to knitting. I am coming here for some help on a sweater project i am completing. Here is the link to the pattern i am completing ( My question is about the binding off for the neck portion of the sweater. I do not understand how to bind off the 12 stitches for the back neck and then continue to knit. I have started binding off the stitches then i end up with one stitch left and no way of getting the working yarn back to the stitches that i need to work with. please help, thanks!


Knit across the Right Shoulder with skein A. (red lines)
Attach a new skein at the black [B]X.[/B]
Bind off across the neck with skein B. (green lines)
Work across the Left Shoulder. (blue lines)

Finish the Left Shoulder with Skein B.
Then go back to the Right Shoulder and finish her with the original skein A.

(PS: after you’ve read this, I will down-size the photo)

From reading the pattern you, there should be so many stitches on a stitch holder. While you have bound off the 12 for the back of the neck and continue your knit with the left front. From what I gather you should add a skein of working yarn from the beginning of your bind, off to work on the right front. So you can start working toward your shoulder shaping. I love the design of the sweater post it when you complete. :aww:

Thanks so much for replying, i think i got the idea now, what i am doing then is binding off the 12 stitches and cutting the working yarn, then attaching another working yarn to the new row of sts?

Yes, you got it!