Need help with bib pattern

Hey everyone i’m having a problem with a pattern this is what it says

1st row: (RS). Knit. Beg with a purl row, proceed in stocking st and cast on 5 sts at beg of next 4 rows. 37 sts.
Cont even in stocking st for 6 ins [15 cm], ending with a purl row.

But my rows end up uneven and jagged looking. Its supposed to be a slight curve. How do you get the slight curve?

Casting on at the beginning of the rows will give you “steps”, does it call for a border to be worked around it? Is it possible to link to the pattern or at least a picture of the bib?

It may curve when you BO at the end, because the top edge is being held straight by the needles; adding the sts on different rows will help too. If you’ve just only done the cast on work a couple more inches and it may not look so jagged. Often I do a kfb in last st of the previous row before casting on at the beginning of a row (do 1 stitch less) so it smooths out the edge a little.

I did about 3-4 inches and i wouldn’t straighten out and i didn’t have any of the boarder that it shows in the picture. No idea what i’m doing wrong. Haha well i’ll try that way too and hope it works

The bernat site is being really weird now and won’t open so I can’t look at it. Do you have a picture of what yours looks like? It’s also nice if you can link to the nonPDF pattern, they’re usually just html on a webpage.

eta - is it this one? I think you’ll find that when you finish off the piece and make the ties, the ties are what holds the edge in a curve. Without being fastened it’s going to be a wide U shape, so I think you’re okay.

Okay I was finally able to get to the pattern at the html link I posted. You’re not done yet, so don’t worry about the curve or lack of one. You’re on the lower edge of it and after you knit 6" the top edge will have shaping to make it curve. As for the border, that’s done after you have it all done, in the Outer Edging instructions.

Sue, is the border what will finally make it look all smoothly curved and finished? It seems to me that in knitting, some things require a leap of faith.

The cast on sts right after the initial cast on will curve the bottom somewhat, the top will curve around through increase and decrease shaping toward the end. The border will finish it off smoothly.