Need help with baby sweater

I started a cute baby sweater I found on It’s a cable knit, and the trim is a seed stitch. I wanted to do the sweater in white with the trim in lavender. The pattern is for one color. I did the back - no problem. However, when I got to the left front, I ran into trouble. I did 8 rows of seed stitch, and then I’m supposed to start working the cable pattern (which in my case is white), but the last six stitches are the seed pattern (which is the button band - in my case it’s lavender.) I can’t figure out how to stop the white and start the lavender. If I just drop the white and pick up the lavender, the stitches will not be connected. Am I supposed to “slip a stitch” here, or something? The pattern is for all one color, therefore, it doesn’t address this problem.
Linda in NJ

If you click here and scroll down a bit, there are some tips for joining yarns.

The lavendar will have it’s own strand, an the white it’s own strand. You’ll have to twist the stitches when you switch color as you would with intarsia knitting.

Work across with the white, and then hold that yarn over to the left so it’s laying on top of the lavendar’s hanging strand. Then pick up the lavendar and knit with it. When you work back, hold the lavendar over to the left and pick up the white strand and knit with it. This will automatically twist the stitches so you won’t have a gap.

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Thanks so much!