Need help with baby sweater pattern

I’m new to working raglan sleeves, and I’ve been working on a sweater from J. Hoverson’s [I]Last Minute Knitted Gifts[/I], but this is confusing me:

“After working the first sleeve, knit the sleeve sts onto the circular needle for the body next to the (53) sts for front, place marker, then knit the back sts.”

I don’t understand what sts are “next” to the sts for front.

Thank you for your help.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The sleeve sts will be placed next or adjacent to the front sts. You probably bound off sts on the sweater for the armholes. Now you should knit across the front to the bound off sts, knit across the sleeve sts and then knit the back sts. This will put the sleeve in position between the front and back on one side. The other sleeve will go on the opposite side between the back and the front.
See if this video helps. It’s close to the idea of what you’re doing.

Hi there! Thank you for the welcome, and thanks bunches for the video and your response.

I did get a chance to visit my LYS this afternoon and got it straightened out, too. You were right, although I didn’t bind off the sts at the sleeve where it joins the body, I had put them onto a st holder. Now I’m able to see how the raglan sleeve will be constructed. Exciting.

Many thanks! This is a great resource. I hope I can also be helpful in the future :slight_smile: