Need help with baby sweater pattern

Im not sure what this pattern means. I knit in the round for seven inches
Stripe pattern: 12 rounds or
rows in main color
1 round or row in contrasting
With size 10 circulars and main
color Co 37, (45) sts place marker
and co another 37 (45) sts
Join and knit into the round work in
stripe patttern until body measures
7 (9)in.
This is where i got to, and now I’m confused.
work flat in rows and maintain in
stripe pattern
Shaping arm holes
Bo 2 (3) sts begining of next 2 rows.
Continue working in pattern until
arm holes measure 5 (6) in ending
on wrong side

It says to go from in the round to flat. I don’t understand

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Knit to the marker and cast off the number given for your size. For the smaller size, cast off 2 sts. Knit until you have 35sts on the right hand needle after the cast off. You should be on the opposite side from the marker.Switch the needles in your hands. You’re now on the wrong side or private side of the garment. Cast off 2sts and work across to the end of the row. Continue working back and forth on these sts. Leave the sts for the front until later in the pattern.

Please edit your post to remove everything after Shoulder Shaping. We get into copyright problems if we reprint whole patterns.

Sholders Shaping
Bo 7 (9) st beginning next 2 rows slip remaining stitches onto a stitch holder
Bo 2 (3) sts beginning of next 2 rows.
Continue working in pattern until arm holes measure 2.5 (3) in ending on wrong side
so once i do that then what? i have 14 stitches left so do i bind completely off?? that doesn’t seem right

The length of the front armholes at this point are shorter than the length of the back armholes. This is because there are (or there should be) directions for shaping the neck opening in the front. See what the next set of directions are. Usually you work to some number of center sts, bind off and work the second shoulder sts. Then work both shoulders until the armhole is the same length as the back.

Can you give us a pattern link or a pattern name?

this is the neck shape portion

Neck Shape
Work 12 (14 )sts leave remaining stitch to the side
turn and work the next row Decrease 1st at neck edge on the next 5 rows total of 7 (9) sts left work until measures 5 (6) in.
next slip 9 (11) sts onto holder and work remaining 12 (14) stitches for neck and shoulder.

Yes, in this pattern you work the shoulders one at a time. Rather than center sts bound off or put on a holder, this sounds like a V-neck.