Need help with baby shoe pattern!

This is what the pattern says, and I just don’t understand. I have completed the sole, and this is for the top of the toe.

[I]Knit English rib knit 11 rows. In the 12th (knit) row knit 8 loops, and then make 8 decreases, knit and purl loops knit together. Return the work and knit by shawl knitting, at the end of every row knit 2 loops together with a lateral part of a front part."[/I]

I got the the english rib down, its the 12th row I just don’t get. There are 2 pictures here from the pattern, one before the 12th row, one after. Any ideas of how this could be reworded so I can finish it up?

PS, it’s 31 stitches total.

Here are the pictures

Must be translated by google translate… here’s my interpretation -

k8, dec 8 times with k2tog (or p2tog). Continue in pattern and at the end of every row k2tog. See if that might work, but yes, a picture would help, or if you have the name of the pattern we might be able to find it somewhere.

Thank you. I am really hoping to get a most likely possibility to avoid redoing a bunch. I did post the pictures in a reply

They didn’t show up, check your links again.

Try these instructions for posting a picture.

Can you also tell us the pattern name or post a link to the pattern?

Ok, here is a direct link to the pictures.

I don’t have a link to the pattern, it’s one I bought from etsy. Obviously a mistake. The seller/writer is helpful by email, but can’t explain this any other way.

I’m not sure where the 8 decreases are in row 12 either. The photo looks like you knit every row over the center 8sts, knitting 2tog at the end of every row so that you knit the instep and attach it to the sides of the bootie at the same time. In the first picture there seem to be 12sts on the right needle and 9sts on the left needle but maybe I’m not seeing all the sts. Should be 31 total so maybe there are 2 more hiding on the left needle?

Yeah, I agree with Salmonmac, looks like the ‘8 decs’ aren’t done on one row, but as you go along to join the side sts to the top stitches. Is there a picture of the finished one on etsy?

Here’s the completed project picture, for those interested.

Those are so adorable and they look like they’ll stay on a babies’ feet too.
In the photo of the completed bootie, at the toe area, it look like there is a decrease row (row 12?) after the last row of ribbing. It looks like the k1p1 are knit together across maybe 16sts to give you the 8sts on the center needle shown in the first photo you posted. Maybe that’s the missing decrease of 8sts.