Need Help with Baby Caridgan Pattern

I am working a Sirdar Pattern (3863). I can work the first three sections until I come to this: BACK With rs facing, rejoin yarn for back and preceed as follows: cast on 1 st, knit to end, cast on 1 st (these two cast on sts to be used for sewing sleeves into armholes).

How do I cast on stitches after I’ve already begun knitting? It doesn’t ask for an increase, but says to cast on.

Someone help me! I’m so confused!

When you cast on in the middle, I think that an inc is implied. The easiest way to co in the middle of a row is via backward loop (see Amy’s videos). Backward loop is also loose, so perhaps that “Knitting On” method would be better. I’m thinking you should cast on to the working needle, not the dormant one. Amy has a video of the “Knit On” method of casting on too.

Hope that helps a little…