Need help with baby booties?

What am I doing wrong? I am making Christine’s Baby Booties. They are really cute so far except I am doing something wrong when starting the top of the foot. For some reason on each side where the short rows are joining to the sides of the booties it is looking very messy. I frogged it once and reknitted, but it is the same way. I looked up some pics on ravelry and some people’s booties looked the same as mine but many of them looked neat and smooth on the top.

Here is what they look like.

Suggestions, please!!! :eyes:

I’m not sure… Is the problem you are having where you are picking up stitches? Be consistent in how you pick them up so it will look the same.

There is a video near the bottom for picking up stitches if that is the problem.

It’s not picking up stitches exactly…it is knitting stiches from 2 different DPNs together (or purling 2 together on the other side).

:think: I’m not sure either…to me from the picture it looks ok…it doesn’t look messy…if you knit some more on it maybe we could tell more…or maybe it would look better to you?

It is only messy where the 2 stitches have been knitted or purled together, so it forms 2 goofy looking columns that run up the top of the booty…here is another link, I put arrows to point it out more. Above each of the arrows is the messy column running up.

Continuing to knit would not effect that area, now I am knitting the leg. It is just done in the round and looks fine…just the edges of the top of the booty is wonky.

:aww: don’t mind me…I’m having a DUH! week it seems with knitting :rofl: …I missed it was down there…

:think: ok is this the part that the decrease is done? You do this by slipping the 10th St to the RH needle purlwise, then back onto the 18-st needle. Knit or purl the first 2 sts on the 18-st needle together…

I’m wondering if a K2tog would have made a difference…:think:

Yep, that is exactly the part that makes the messy columns. I wonder if I am twisting the stitches somehow with the slipping back and forth between needles before I knit or purl the 2 stitches together. :think: