Need help with animal knits

Hi everyone, thanks for allowing me to join this wonderful group.

As a beginner can you help me translate the following line in the pattern:

K1,M1,[K3,M1] 7 times, K2. (32 sts).

My question is K1,M1 is only done once and i should only repeat the parentheses 7 times?

sorry for the silly question!!


Welcome to the forum and to knitting!
Yes, work the K1,M1 once then repeat the [K3,M1] 7 times. You’ll alternate k3,M1,k3,M1,k3,M1 and so on until you’ve worked the repeat 7 times.
Not a silly question at all. We love questions here.
Please post a photo when you finish, whatever this animal is.

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Not a silly question at all. If a question helps you to get through a tricky part of a pattern so that you can continue your project, then it is the perfect question.

I’m intrigued by animal knitting, it all seems so intricate and fiddly to me, I admire anyone who makes these. What pattern are you using?

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Thank you all
much ! just one question why do patterns say k2? surely you are only knitting one stitch at a time. What is the theory behind this ?

You’re correct that you’ll knit one stitch at a time. K2 is shorthand for k1k1 and easier to read. You can see that k30 for example would be very difficult to keep track of and take up lots of space.

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