Need help with Anastasia Crochet Afghan

Am having trouble with the joining row of this afghan. The directions state that you repeat rows 3 thru 117 (which is row 9) once. Joining Row: 3dc in next shell, sl st in first dc of Row 1; 3 dc in same shell, ch 5,sk next sc,sc in next 2 sc: ch 5, sl st in next shell, in base of next shell on Row 1, in next 3dc, and in next 2 chs;*sc through same lp on working row and next lp on Row 1, sl st in last 2 chs of same lp, in next sc, and in next 2 chs, sl st in last 2 chs on working row; ch 3, join in last st on Row l. I am unable to figure out how to do the first dc of row 1 plus all the rest. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:?? :?? :??

Is this the pattern?
I’m sorry but I’d need to see more of the pattern and/or a picture of your work to try to figure out. I can’t think what you would be joining.

ETA I looked at some project pages and see that the border is worked separate from the main body. I wonder what blog this person found.