Need help with an instruction!

Hi guys. Im new to this website, so please bear with me. So i am knitting a kids’ jacket and the instruction states:

[B]Shape Neck[/B]
Bind off 6 sts at beg of next row, 2 sts at beg of next 1 alt rows and 1st at beg of next 5 alt rows. 12 sts.

What does this mean???

Please help.

p.s i am fairly new to knitting!


Bind off 6 sts at the beginning of the next row, work a row and BO 2 sts, work another row then BO (decrease looks better) 1 st every other row 5 times. You’ll have 12 sts left then.

oK I think i got it!

Thanks a lot!!!

Oh btw, when u said “work a row AND bo 2 sts” do i knit 1 normal row, and BO 2 sts at the next row??

Yes, BO 2 at the beg of the [I]next row[/I]; should have said that.

Hi again.

under the same heading it says cont in garter stitch until it measures 27 cm from cast on edge. but after doing what ive done, it measures that much any way. what do i do.

Your row gauge must be longer, and make sure you’re laying the piece down to measure it flat, not stretched.

Do you have a link to the pattern? It often helps if we can see all the prevous and following instructions to make sure you’re reading it right.

erm. I think ive worked it out. No its in a book unfortunately.

thnaks a bunch!

sorry to be so annoying. Another question. It says to attach a new piece of yarn to a stitch thats on a stitch holder. How do i attch it. Is there a vid or anything ???

You don’t really ‘attach’ the new end, like tie it on or anything - just leave a long enough tail to weave in later, 6" or so, and start knitting with it.

Hi everyone. im now starting on the hood. and it says

cast on 32 sts and knit 3 rows.
Next row (WS): Inc 1, k to end. 33 sts.

i know this sounds dead simple, but when it says knit 3 rows, do i simply count 3 rows from after i have casted on, because when i look at my product, it doesnt look like 3 rows, but 2. secondly, how do i know what is the right or wrong side when knitting - arent both sides the same?


Yes, CO and knit 3 rows, the loops on the needle aren’t a row until you knit them. Then the pattern is telling you the 4th row will be the WS row.

So what you mean is after i have Casted on, i dont count the rows, but [B]look [/B]at the rows and count them that way?

Well, cast on and do a row, that’s 1, knit another one and that’s 2, knit the next one and that’s 3. You can count as you go, or count after you knit them. Depends how long your rows are and whether you can remember which row you’re on I guess… lol

Thnaks once again!!!

Ok so next question. pattern says:

cont in garter stitch, inc 1 at same edge on every foll 4th row 7 times more. 40 sts.

i think i get it but just need it broken down in english to me! lol.

Starting from the last instruction, increase 1 stitch on rows 4,8,12,16,20,24, and 28. That’s 7 times more.

ok hi guys. Time for next question.

it says K2TOG, k to end. 39 sts. I get this

then it says: cont in garter stitch, dec 1 at same edge on every foll 4th row 7 times more. 32 sts.

now this decrease bit. I know i have to decrease but there are many ways to decrease. How do i do it. is it the one that is k2tog, pass slipped stich over (skpo), two-stitch decrease 1 (sk2po)???

Which one is it??? pls help. also if there is a vid that wud be helpful too, if not then thats ok.


This is a one st decrease, a k2tog at the same edge:
"[U]K2tog[/U], k to end. 39 sts. cont in garter stitch, dec 1 at same edge on every foll 4th row 7 times more. 32 sts."

Do the dec as given in the previous row - K2TOG, k to end

Right so, next question. im doing the sleeves and it says cast on 39 sts. done that. then a couple of instructions later it says

inc 1 at each end of every 8th row 4 times. 47 sts.

how does that work out??? do i knit 8 rows 4 times and at the end of every 8th row, inc 1? but that doesnt work out to be 47 sts does it?if i do it 4 times does it not work out to be 43 sts???