Need help with an increase

I need help with a

Pattern increase could someone help me?
I’m starting with 102 stitches I need to get to 122 the pattern says k2,p1,m1,[(k1 p1)twice,k1,m1,(p1 k1)twice,p1,m1)9 times,(k1,p1)twice,k1,m1,(p1,k1)twice (122 stitches) im thinking the parenthesis are wrong but i just cant figure it out!

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Yes, it’s missing a close bracket before the “9 times”. That way the entire 10stitch sequence is repeated 9 times and there’ll be 20 increases
k2,p1,m1,[(k1 p1)twice,k1,m1,(p1 k1)twice,p1,m1_]_9 times,(k1,p1)twice,k1,m1,(p1,k1)twice

I think it’s this pattern:

Thank you so so much! Im a novice and was about to give up. Thanks , I will try that later!