Need help with Addison

Hi guys,

So I have started knitting Addison
for my daughter. But I am having a hard time understanding the pattern repeat. So there is a main cable in the middle and a smaller cable on each side of it. The center cable repeats for 32 rows and the side cables repeat for 36 rows. I’m not sure how I should continue with the center cable. Do I just repeat row 32 for the remaining 4 rows then start back at row 1 again? I’ve never done a repeat like this before so I’m slightly confused…lol


So I think I might have figured it out. My center cable row count and my side cable row count will be off? So if I’m on row 36 of my side cables, I will be on row 4 of my center cable?


Exactly. You’ll have to keep track of the cables independently as you knit up the sweater. It’s a lovely sweater and an interesting pattern to knit.

Thank you Salmonmac!