Need help with adding fingers on the second glove

I am knitting a pair of gloves and the first one fits the left hand. When I knit the index finger on the second glove, it is working for the left hand. How do I knit the fingers for the right hand? Pattern says to reverse shaping, but I don’t understand that. I started the index finger for the second glove (Right hand) and it only fits on the left hand so I must be starting it in the wrong place.

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What is the name of the pattern you’re using?
Many patterns start with the thumb and that helps place the other fingers. Let’s get a glove expert’s opinion though @Daylilydayzed

Thanks for the reply.


Hi Robert,
Are you using the magic loop technique or double pointed needles?Either one , the wrist ribbing is the same up until you reach the thumb placement. Hold your hands out in front of you and look at where the thumb is. Now turn them palm up and see where it is now.I knit gloves using magic loop. My thumb placement is 4-5 stitches in from the side of the hand. After thumb is done the fingers change the same way… My gloves are always knitted with palm facing me. It is easier to knit that way.

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I am using DPN needles. I will try to understand the palm up comment. I think that means you would start the index finger at the left side of the thumb, but I can’t understand that because if you turn the glove over, the thumb hole is the same as it is on the left mitten. ?? I used to knit these years ago, but can’t wrap my mind around it now. I may have to run down to the yarn shop for help after it quits snowing.
Thanks for your help.


What is the name of your pattern or the source (book, website etc)?