Need help with abbreviations

I was looking at a pattern to make a scalloped scarf, and in the instrucions it states “row 1 (rest)…” What does the (rest) mean?
Thank you kindly :smiley:


That’s a new one to me. It’s not in any of my books, and I even did a complex google search, and found no patterns with that term.

Perhaps it means a row of straight knitting or purling? (ie. a “rest” from the pattern) ???

If we could see a picture of it, and the instructions, we may be able to figure it out for you. Or you could try contacting the designer.


Elsebeth Lavold uses the term “resting row” meaning…“work the stitches as they present themselves”…for example: the previous row had patterning/cables/stitch manipulations…the resting row will not have working stitches…just knit the knits and purl the purls as they present themselves.