Need help with a sweater pattern

Hola! Hope you guys can help me. I started my first sweater this week and i came to a point where i don´t understand what they mean! :wall: :shrug: sorry, i´m a new knitter. I´m doing the back and now i´m supposed to shape the neck kepping the back correct and that´s what i don´t understand, :oops: here it goes:

Shape Neck Keeping rib patt correct, cont thus:
Next row (right side): Patt 24 (25, 26, 28) sts, turn. Cont on these sts only and dec 1 st at neck edge on next 4 rows.
Work 1 row straight. Cast off rem 20 (21, 22, 24) sts in patt. Slip 13 center back sts onto a st holder. Complete other side of neck to match.

The pattern i´m using is this one:

Thank you for your help! have a good day! :muah:

It just means to keep doing the pattern stitch the same, in other words keep doing rib pattern

Thank you! i just realize (can´t believe it happened when i posted the message) what i´m supposed to do!!! sorry, last night i was desperate, maybe b/c the sweater is my first one and is for my boyfriend and i whant it to turn out good! gosh!!! anyway, thank you aganin for your help! i´ll post pictures of the sweater when i finished it.

That happens a lot - when you think out how to ask a question - the answer dawns on you. That’s okay, we’ll take on anything…