Need help with a stretchy yarn!

Hi I am brand new to knitting and have only finished one real project since I started. My question and frustration is with my next pick of yarn for another project. I know its a user error but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong so I am asking for help from more experienced knitters.

I have three balls of aMAZEing yarn in bright yellow and want to make a scarf and hat. it is %100 Corn Fiber and very stretchy. I cast on and when I try my very first row, it starts out fine but as I progress the length between my needles keeps growing and growing so by the time I am at the end of the row, my needles may be 5 inches apart! I cannot figure out how to adjust it, and I dont think I am pulling tight at all. I have torn it out and started over several times and am about to give up on this yarn all together! But it really is pretty and I want to learn to do it right.

Am i using too small needles? I am using #7 bamboo circular.

I appreciate any help you can offer!

Are you using the “long tail” cast on, or the “loop” cast on. Long tail usually keeps that from happening, and is much easier to knit on the first row. The video here at KH is WONDERFUL to help you learn … once you get the hang of it, you will never go back !

It’s not the yarn or the needles, but probably the cast on you used. Try the long tail or cable cast on.

I agree on the cast-on. Does the yarn snap back into shape, or do you mean it stretches out and stays stretched out? Also:

I cannot figure out how to adjust it, and I dont think I am pulling tight at all.

If the yarn is really stretchy and doesn’t snap back after knitting it, you might [I]want[/I] to pull it tight, or maybe I mean “taut” instead of “tight”. Keeping a light tension on it may or may not help while knitting. Have you done a swatch?

I used the cast on that the book and pattern used, an “e wrap-cast on”. I think I also tried the long tail once and yes it was a bit better but still the distance between my needles (the tips or points) kept growing with each stitch until it was unworkable. I havent done a swatch because I cant get through the first row! Ha I feel like a dummy, that I cant figure it out.

Perhaps I [B]do[/B] have to pull taut?

The e wrap is easy to do, but difficult to knit into and needs some experience to keep the sts from stretching out. Try a knit cast on, that’s simple enough and similar to the knit stitch so you get to practice that.

DOES the yarn snap back, or is it stretching out and then staying stretched out?

Another thing you might try, so we can help diagnose what’s happening: cast-on some stitches, maybe about 30-35 sts, using some other kind of yarn, preferably in roughly the same weight yarn. Knit a few rows, maybe three or four of them. Then just drop the first yarn and start knitting with your corn yarn. What happens?

P.S. Try knitting with the yarn pulled tighter and see if that helps. If it doesn’t help, then don’t, but if it does, then try casting on tighter and knitting pulling it tighter.