Need help with a Sock Pattern

Hi!! Everyone here is always so helpful when I need help, I’m hoping for more.

I’m trying to knit a sock pattern. It’s my first time, and I want to learn SO bad. I’ve waited and waited for someone to show me, but my small town doesn’t have enough people that knit them I guess, so I’m teaching myself. Any help is appreciated.

I’ve knit up to the heel. I have 56 sts on 3 needles: 18/20/18.

Now, I have to divide them up. It says to Sl last 14 sts of last rnd worked and first 16 sts of next rnd onto 1 needle for heel. -30 sts. Put rem 26 sts for instep on a different needle. Cut yarn.

With wrong side of work facing and working on heel sts only, work as follows:
Row 1; P2 (0,2) {P2tos,P2} 5 (6,7) times, {P2tog} 0 (1,0) time -17 (19,23)sts

Questions I have:

How do I divide stitches? My working yarn is where? Do I start on the working yarn needle that has 18 stitches? If so, what do I do with the other 4 stitches? If I take 14 stitches from the working yarn needle then 16 of the next needle, my working yarn will be in the middle of the needle then? Is that right? This is why I’m confused. lol.

I cut my yarn and start of new?

I’ll only have two needles now and not three?

If I’m working on the WS, my first ROW 1 above I don’t understand. I’m knitting the largest size and don’t understand the first stitches I’ve have to work. The numbers are throwing me off as they are written.

Thats it!! Thank You!!

If someone could help me, I’d so appreciate it. I know how to knit; just not socks, but i’m hoping too!! :cheering:

What I’m going to suggest goes against what your pattern suggestions, BUT…I think that what you’d want to do is actually work the first 16 stitches of your next round, then turn your work around – up to this point you have been working in the round but you will no longer be for this heel section – so you now have the wrong side of your work facing you. Onto the other end of that needle (the opposite end from where the working yarn now is), slip the nearest 14 stitches from the last needle of your last round. You now have those 30 heel stitches on one needle with your working yarn in the right place, at the beginning of a wrong side row, and now there is no need to cut your yarn, as far as I can see, unless your pattern has some specific reason to do that (other than the fact that your working yarn would have been in the middle of the heel stitches if you’d done it the way they told you to).

Now, starting with a wrong side row, you are going to be working only on those 30 stitches, back and forth, not in the round any longer until later when you re-join with the instep stitches. The other 26 stitches which are the instep stitches can be left on a different dpn but they will be ignored for the time being.

It looks like the first heel instructions it gives decreases the heel stitch number to 23 stitches for the largest size.

So for the largest size you will P2, (P2tog, P2)7 times.

That’s it! Then you’ll move to the next instruction.

Does this help???

You’re a sock wonder :muah: I’ve got it!! Now…lets hope my sock looks like a sock when this is all said and done. lol. I’ve bought some cheapie sock yarn for this pattern, but believe me, if this works out…I’ve got some Lornas Laces in my stash waiting to be knit and purled.

This place is great for help, so thanks again!! :cheering: