Need help with a pattern


This pattern says to do a round or 2 in a double rib pattern. what does that mean??

Also, it says to continue working back and forth in rows… Does this mean knit, purl, ?? what? Link below. Thank you.

It just means knit 2 purl 2 across. :slight_smile:

okay but what about the work back and forth part?

Well, from what I’m guessing, you go ahead and knit across the next row after you bind off the stitches, then go ahead and k2 purl to the end of the row, k2 p1. Then I would think that the next row would be all knit. The directions are just so unclear, it’s crazy. That’s what I’m interpreting anyway, maybe someone else will be able to help you better than I can.

I know they really, it’s frustrating because it doesnt look all that hard but it is making it hard.

thanks much for your help!!!

That’s just regular knitting - work across one row, turn and work back across the next row.

The first part of it is knit in the round for the strap of the bib, then you knit flat instead of in the round. It says you can work on straight needles, that means you won’t be knitting around but straight across; you can still do it with the circulars though.

THank you!