Need Help with a pattern

Hi All,
I am knitting a baby blanket with a butterfly design in it, but for some reason I can’t get it to start right. the first row says: k4 (work 1st row of panel pat. k7) 3 times. work 1st row of panel pat. k4.
Panel Pat.(worked over 31 sts.) 1st row (rs)k2, k2tog, (yfwd) twice, sl1, k1, psso, k19, k2tog., (yfwd) twice, sl1, k1, psso, k2.

It is supposed to be that when I complete all 4 times it equals 153 stitches all together, and just one time of going thru the 1st row should use 31 stitches, but I have tried it 6 times and each time I wind up with 3 to 6 stitches short of the 153. SO I undo the entire row and start over to make sure I didn’t miscount, but each time is the same.

Can someone PLEASE help me figure out where I am reading it wrong. I think it is where I yfwd and psso.

When I psso am I supposed to just drop that stitch or actually use it as the first stitch of the 19 and 2?



The psso is moving the slipped st over the knit st, it’s a decrease. Yfwd is a YO and doesn’t include or use a knit st, but you do YO twice to get the right number of sts at the end. Don’t forget the k7 between the lace panels and the k4s at the beg and end of the row.

Even experienced knitters mess up on the first row of a pattern, it’s easy to forget a YO or do an extra. First make sure you actually have 153 sts, then after you do a row look at them and ‘name’ them instead of count. So you’d start the row with 4 knits, 2 knits (6 knit sts total) dec, over 2, dec, 19 knits, dec, over twice, dec, 3 knits, 7 knits, 2 knits (that’s 12 right in a row), dec, etc.

I guess I’m a bit dense as far as knitting because I’m not understanding still…“dec” means decrease right?, but where yuo are saying to do this it looks like it’s where the “k2tog”'s are. And then I’m still not sure if I am dropping the psso stitch or am I using it to start the 19 stitches and the next 2 stitches.

Thanks for your help


Yes, k2tog is a decrease as is sl 1, k1 psso. You don’t ‘drop’ the slip st on the psso, you slip it over the k1, like you do when Binding off. Have a look at the Decreases videos - it’s like the ssk except done differently.

OK, I have retried it AGAIN, and I still wind up with 3 short!!

PLEASE tell me where you think I’m going wrong…

Did you check the st number before you started to make sure you have the right number?

Without seeing your work it’s hard to say what’s going on. Try casting on just 31 sts with some leftover yarn and any needles and work the lace panel pattern over that, it may be easier to figure out with less stitches.

I’m sorry, I feel stupid. I tried what you said and just used any needles and only casted on 31 stitches, but I STILL am 3 stitches short.

Can I ask you to PLEASE try it and see what you come out with and maybe you can tell me what I am doing wrong.

the panel pat.'s 1st row is as follows EXACTLY AS IT IS IN MY PATTERN:
[B]Panel Pat[/B](worked over 31 sts).
[B]1st row:[/B] (RS). K2. K2tog. (yfwd) twice.
Sl1. K1. psso. K19. K2tog. (yfwd) twice. Sl1. K1. psso. K2.

Another thing I wanted to ask when I yfwd, do the parenthesis mean to do it BEFORE the k2tog. or AFTER each one. Or does it really matter?

Thank you for so much help


NOW I REALLY FEEL STUPID!! I did what you said again and using the 31 stitches, and RE-reading the pattern, I realized that I was misreading it and I thought it meant for me to k2tog and yfwd TWICE. Thats where I was losing 2 extra stitches each time.

Thanks for ALL your help. I need to stop OVER thinking things…lol


Right, when I wrote it out for you to name the sts instead of counting I put ‘over twice’ after just one ‘dec’. You only do what’s in the () multiple times in a pattern. I forgot that part or I would have pointed it out to you earlier.