Need help with a pattern!

Hello Guys!

Maybe I am biting off a little more than i can chew but there is a pattern i want to do so badly and I cant for the life of me understand the cast on method.

That is the link. If anyone can please help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you sooooo much:hug:

There are a number of different provisional cast ons- I think you could use any of them for this pattern. I have tried the crochet one that is in your pattern, and could never make it work. If you go to the cast-on videos on this site, there’s a video for a provisional cast-on. I bet you could find others on youtube, and maybe even the crochet one.

Don’t worry about ‘biting off more than you can chew’. We’re always here to help! :slight_smile:

Thanks Abbily! I saw the video and I understand that but what do they mean when they say "With shawl yarn pick up and knit 3 sts in the bumps on the backside of the center 3 chains - 3 sts. Knit 18 rows. Next row, K3, pick up and knit 1 st in each of the 9 garter ridges along selvedge edge of piece, unzip waste yarn chain to expose 3 sts at base of the piece, place these 3 sts onto left needle, K3. (15 sts total) "


Don’t apologize! :slight_smile:

OK… that sounds complicated, but here’s what I think. Ignore the directions you typed, and do this instead.

Watch the provisional video again, and use a cable needle instead of waste yarn when doing the cast on. Cast on 3 stitches. Knit those 3 stitches for 18 rows. Then you’re going to knit those 3 stitches again, pick up 9 stitches along the side of the rectangle you just knit (on the side where the point of your needle is), then knit the 3 stitches that are on the cable needle- you can knit them right off the cable needle. There is a video for picking up stitches, if you need that.

Then go back to following the directions.

Give it a try (unless someone else has better directions!) and see if that works. If not, I heartily apologize!! Come back and we’ll help you more. :slight_smile:

From looking at the pattern, you chain 6 from a crochet hook using a different colored yarn from your shawl yarn–they look like sideways teardrops. When you flip over the chain, there’s a bump on each stitch. You choose the center 3, put your kneedle into each, knit into those stitches using your yarn (as if knitting a normal stitch). Knit 18 rows.

Is that what you’re asking?

Wow, what a beautiful shawl! No wonder you just have to knit it!!

Here’s the way I would try it.

Provisional cast-on 3 st.
Knit 18 rows
Knit 3 st from left-hand needle,
pick-up and knit 9 stitches along edge of piece,
pick-up and knit the 3 live st from provisional cast-on edge.

Now you’ll have 15 st on your needle from three sides of the work, so your work will be a bit of a crescent moon shape at this point.

There is a video on picking up edge stitches on the knitting tips page of KH, so that should help out a bit.

Good luck!

All of you guys are awesome. Thank you so much. I think i understand it now. I’m going to give it a shot but standby for any problems :roflhard: .

Thanks again,
:muah: Millie :muah:

GO for it, you can do it! :slight_smile:

I don’t care for provisional castons, actually, what I don’t like is knitting 2 or 3 sts in garter stitch. So I cheat by casting on 4 sts less than you end up with to start the actual pattern, (so 11 sts for this one) knit a row, kfb at the beg and end of the next row, knit 1 row, inc 2 on the next row just like before. Then either knit or purl a row or begin the body of the pattern. Having gradual incs like that has the neck flow into the garter stitch edge and it looks fine. No one’s going to be checking the neck of a shawl to see if you began it like the pattern.

Hi Millie! That is a GORGEOUS shawl! I can’t wait to see pictures after you are done! I am clueless on how to help you with the directions, but I do have a tip to share!

When I made my Christmas stocking, I kept getting so confused with the graph - so I got out a magnetic board that I had for doing Counted Cross stitch, but any magnetic board would work - and I used some long flat rectangular magnets to mark the rows. That way I could keep up with what row I had finished and which row was next. And, after I finished the graph, I used it with the rest of the directions because the turning the heel parts seemed very overwhelming. But, when I used my magnetic board, I could only see the row I was working on and it didn’t seem as intimidating!

Good luck! I know you can do it!!

Thank you so much for this… I have a few shawls I really really really want to do :slight_smile: and this whole provisional cast on method had me pulling my hair out so I was about to give up one it… I kept thinking there HAS to be a differnet way to do this…
Thanks again