Need help with a Pattern

Okey dokey so I found this patternand fell in love with it. The English translation ishere on Ravelry…I thought trying to re-size this to a 4 was going to be the hard part, but it’s not :teehee: …

Ok so I started off working the chart just as written…purling all the dashes and knitting all the empty boxes…I had a mess it looked awful…so I frogged that and thought :think: maybe I need to knit the purls on the WS and Purl the knits flip on the opposite side (cause I’m use to sock knitting and those charts are in the round)…
so I did this (yeah I remebered to read the even from right to left and odd left to right)…well I got to looking at her up close picture…the top part that I’m working on…you will see the purl bumps are what show up with the cables…not on mine…its the smooth knit St st side that shows up…
so was I not suppose to flip them? or did I flip them on the wrong rows?

Any help and I’d be sooo grateful!! :hug:

Dustina, to me it looks like the cables are in knits and the background is in reverse St st. Since the cables are always on the right side, I think your stitches that are crossed front should always be knits, and the ones crossed behind should be purls. For the background stitches, you need to keep it in reverse St st, so the ws rows would be knit, rs would be purl.

Is that what you’re asking?

:thumbsup: Yep, I just couldn’t read the chart from row to row for some reason…I know I can do it so it’s annoying me even more…maybe I just need a break from it :rofl:

:hug: Thank you!